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Cheap E-reader Tablets for Under $100

With the explosion of tablet computing in the last few years one of the most easily overlooked categories of this type of device is the E-reader. The reasons for this are clear: tablets, whether they be Windows, Android or Ipad offer more bells and whistles with apps, video playback and easy Internet browsing. Despite this, the E-reader has not become obsolete due to their ease of use and the singular quality of E-ink technology to provide a familiar reading experience that is also easier on the eyes than a regular computer screen.

Add long battery life and a lower price and it’s easy to understand why these devices remain popular, especially with older users.A variety of name brand, cheap E-reader tablets can be found for less than $100. While these devices may not play Youtube videos, they do make it possible to take books out of your local library free of charge. In this article the focus will be on three machines from established brands Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kobo, as well as one upstart from Aluratek. First, is the lowest priced E-reader from Amazon simply called the Kindle, which is available in an ad-supported edition for under $70.

A good deal at the price, the main issue with this machine is that it doesn’t support the Epub format that most public domain (and library) books are available in but, for those willing to pay, the Amazon store is well stocked with everything including periodicals and newspapers. Similar to the Kindle in lacking a touch screen is the Aluratek Libre which is priced at just under $80, it does, however, offer Epub support and comes with a hundred classic books pre-installed.Next, there are two devices that just squeak in at under one hundred dollars but have touch screens that make them just a little bit easier to use.

These are the Kobo Touch and the Nook Simple Touch. Both of these devices, like the above two, have 6“ screens and 2 GB for storing your library. The Nook does have the advantage of being backed by Barnes and Noble so users can go to a retail store if they have any problems. Also, for those willing to spend just a little more than $100, the Nook Glow Touch is the same device with a built in back-light that makes it possible to keep reading in low light and even dark conditions.

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